Pioneer in Style & Comfort

Renowned for its innovative design, MFIT® provides the most relaxed fit in men’s jewelry. The patented interior creates minimal pressure points allowing skin to breathe freely.

The MFIT® interior can be applied to almost any style and design. Groundbreaking MFIT® technology has evolved into the ultimate band for the modern man.


All pieces are expertly crafted in precious metals with style, comfort and innovation in mind. We pay attention to the details. Even the air channels (between finger and ring) are designed to reduce dirt build-up

Select pieces within the collection are available in our exclusive MFIT® 417 White Gold. MFIT® 417 creates a desirable gun-metal color in gold. The masculine shade of MFIT® 417 keeps its look for life with no rhodium required.

Our Promise

The MFIT® brand continuously evolves to complement the style of a distinguished gentleman. We're also on the cutting-edge of technological advances.

The brand has developed into a vast collection of elegant and modern rings.
Authorized retailers receive full brand support including sales training and marketing material.