Juno Lucina®

An embodiment of love
and protection.
The ideal symbol for all moms to
wear with pride.

A Meaningful Brand

Inspired by the remarkable women who take pride in the journey of motherhood, Juno Lucina® is the only diamond jewelry brand in the world solely dedicated to cherishing mothers.

Whether she’s an expecting, new or seasoned mother, she deserves to feel appreciated. Juno Lucina’s true value lays beyond diamonds and gold. The name alone is the embodiment of love and protection.

Cherish a special mom in your life, with a meaningful and empowering symbol she can keep close to her heart and wear proudly.

True Symbolism

Our signature design is the emblem of Juno Lucina. The pendant’s silhouette and diamond placement represents a mother and her children. The symbol is delicately depicted in every piece.

By connecting with countless women who embrace motherhood with pride, Juno Lucina® has become the ideal and most recognizable symbol for proud moms.

Our Promise

All Juno Lucina® jewelry is crafted in gold and encrusted in diamonds. We run our own factory so you can expect the highest QC on all levels.

Each piece is uniquely packaged in “The Purple Box,” with a heart-warming inscription that creates a meaningful gifting experience.

This brand is an excellent way for sales associates to instantly connect with customers on a personal level for more sales. Since the Juno Lucina® brand is thriving on social media, we’re happy to assist all authorized Juno Lucina® retailers who have active social platforms! We provide full marketing and sales training support.